Tomorrow's Woodworkers

In developing future woodworkers, what role do we play to create and build interest in woodwork and ensure woodworkers are adequately skilled?

Schools play a primary role in developing students' interests, significantly impacting their career choices. Schools can sow the seeds of interest in all sorts of activities. However, there has to be a connection at home to convert the interests into active participation. Although most schools provide some teachings on woodwork, students hardly pursue these interests. Often, woodworkers purchase woodwork tools, such as DOER compact shed, at retirement, while they last renovated or created something during their school days.

What do we have to do to encourage more young people to pursue their interests in woodwork, professionally or for DIY projects and simple renovations?

A lot can be done to encourage more young people to develop interests in woodwork and take it up as a career. Our first step to creating passion in woodwork is to ensure the availability of quality, affordable tools for a wide range of woodwork in the DOER compact shed. The availability of tools will enable students to practice what they learn at schools and learn through apprenticeship from their parents or guardians. If a parent often bakes, their child's chances of developing an interest in baking are higher. Similarly, if a parent is into woodwork, professionally, or through DIY projects, a child is likely to develop interest.

In the future, we hope to work with colleges and other learning institutions to inspire more adolescents and young adults to make things and develop their creativity as a passion and as a career.

The idea is to develop skills, confidence, and a sense of achievement that stimulates people to pursue their interests to become more creative and self-reliant. Professional and DIY  woodworkers are the trendsetters in creating interest and inspiring their children and grandchildren into woodwork by linking school and practical woodwork. When students practice skills learned at school in real life, they stick forever in their minds.

Woodwork is not easy to teach, either at school or at home. Therefore, when both are involved, home woodworking skills complement school learning, improving students' skills and enabling them to practice more at home, which builds their interests and inspires them to pursue woodwork, professionally or casually.

DOER compact tool shed provides you with a quality and affordable set of various tools for your domestic projects, which presents you with an opportunity to interact with your children and grandchildren while woodworking. DOER compact tool shed allows adolescents and young adults to practice school-learned woodworking skills, explore various tools and apply their creativity in developing unique woodworks, which would not be possible at school.

Who knows, woodwork could be the new hobby for your child! It is the tools and the exposure they lack, but DOER's got you covered!

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