STELLEN Partner - Join us

Our amazing business partners across the globe have been essential in facilitating the delivery and distribution of our products to our customers in different areas of the world. Despite the logistical challenges posed by Covid-19, our business partners never gave up on us and have been central to the distribution of the DOER kits to the eagerly waiting backers. Despite our partners' geographical distance and language differences, we are bound by the objective "To grow the value and promote excellence in product innovation and quality."

We are inviting potential partners from different countries and regions of the world to join us and our objective as we strive to make our products available to customers in different localities. Our existing partners are overwhelmed by the expansive regions they serve, with some coordinating distribution in several countries; thus, the need for more partners. This is an opportunity to partner with a reputable electric tool manufacturer and boost your earnings from the sales and distribution of our products, ensuring no woodworker would miss out on the benefits and flexibility of the DOER Compact Tool Shed.

Should you wish to partner with us, have any questions on partnering with us, or wish to make a large order of our products, kindly email us at the email address on the Contact Us page, or apply for distributorship on our website. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

STELLEN Engineering - Team with us!